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Abednego Primary Care

Better Access to Primary Care


Hours of Operation: 

      Monday through Thursday 8 am - 5 pm

      Friday 8 am - 12 pm

Having a primary care provider has been shown to prevent illness and improve the chance of diagnosing illness at an early stage. Due to the high demand for better access to primary care services, Dr Conner opened Abednego Primary Care in 2018. 

Abednego Primary Care focuses only on primary care for a more in-depth medical visit in order to ensure all recommendations for preventative care are met and for a thorough review of any chronic medical conditions and treatment plans.


Laurel Shiver Sapp, a native of Toombs County, is the nurse practitioner team leader and has a passion for primary care and weight loss management. 

For high quality  thorough family based primary care and weight management, Laurel and her team are honored to provide the best medical care for this community.

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